DMS is a subsidiary of MP Microprocessador – Sistemas Digitais, S. A., which was founded in 1979

In early 2015 DMS – Displays & Mobility Solutions, Lda. was created in order to focus and develop our activity for public information systems and for the transport industry.

DMS is a solution provider for:
- Electronic Products and Systems for Public Information
- Safety and Mobility Solutions for the Transport Industry 

DMS designs and develops public information equipment, namely electronic display panels, including:
- Variable Message Signs for traffic management and safety.
- On-Platform Information Displays for public transports.
- On-Board Information Displays for the public transportation industry.
- Electronic Parking Signs for parking information and management.
- Electronic Displays for different type of applications.

Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality solutions alongside an excellent service, whilst maintaining the welfare of both our employees and the environment as a priority.


Our values and culture are interconnected with our mission.

We strive:

- To guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, supplying them with products and services which are technologically up-to-date and suited to their needs, exceeding their expectations and adding value.

- To foster a creative and innovative attitude, with permanent technological updating, continuous training of our human resources, as an essential basis for our present success and for the future.

- To comply with all legal and other relevant requirements, to be a responsible company before Society, the Environment and our Employees.

- To afford our shareholders attractive profitability and sustained growth.

- To be a company our Employees will be proud of.