Lane Control Signs


LCS, or Lane Control Signs, are electronic variable road traffic signs for lane control.

Normally based on graphic messages, with a light design and relatively small dimension, allowing easy installation and configuration for different road infra-structures, like tunnels, bridges, highways, toll plazas, road crossings and interchanges…

Some examples are:
- Lane open/close/change
- Variable traffic restriction (bus, truck, …)
- Variable speed limit
- Hazard lane signalization
Each LCS can be controlled as a standalone device or as part of a network, on a road site, sharing the same controller, power supply and communication unit.  

The design of both mechanical and electrical components is light and modular, and manufacturing is to a very high quality standard, including EN12966 compliance.  

The controller and the power supply unit can be housed in a roadside cabinet with different interfaces being available for communication and integration control, thus ensuring a flexible and reliable solution with a very low maintenance cost.

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