On Board Displays


DMS has a range of solutions for public information systems specially designed for installation inside vehicles (onboard), buses/coaches and railway carriages.

Electronic panels to display destination, route and other information messages for the public, for passengers waiting and using the transport services.
This type of panel can be installed as a stand-alone unit or in a network inside the vehicle allowing integrated operation.  

They can be independent of other support systems, through the installation of an operation console that can be supplied together with the electronic panels. This console can be an independent device to be installed in a suitable place to be operated by the driver, or a unit integrated in the front panel.  

The console allows the maintenance, storage and selection of the messages to be displayed in the panels, through a simple operation. The complete system, available in several languages, includes software for configuration and preparation of the messages database.  

The electronic panels may also be integrated in a console of another system, such as, for instance, the ticketing console.  

There are several models available, with different sizes and shapes and using different technologies. The mechanical solution and the modular nature of the electronics allow for easy and quick setting up, maintenance and adaptation to each type of vehicle.

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