Public Information


DMS has a range of solutions for public information systems, some designed for very specific functions, other for general use:  

- City Council Information Panels
- Fuel Price Information Panels
- Car Parking Information Panels
- Information Panels for Industrial facilities
- Electronic Outdoor Panels

  The solutions based on electronic panels are available in several combinations:
- LED, TFT or LCD technology
- Monochromatic or polychromatic (several colours available)
- Line/character modules or matrix
- Several dimensions and resolutions
- Capability of memorization
- Clock, environmental sensors, GPS unit integration
- Sound system integration 
- Management systems integration
- Communications: RS485, Ethernet, TCP/IP, GSM/GPRS, Radio ... 
- Manual/automatic brightness control based on luminosity sensors

  This equipment is produced according to national and international norms, suitable for outdoor installation, to be integrated with urban furniture or in specific supports.

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