Tunnel & Bridges


Tunnels and bridges are special road infra-structures with special requirements and demands on safety and traffic control.

Electronic signaling systems for this kind of infra-structure should include variable message signs and lane control signs, in an adequate configuration according to specific needs and space and layout requirements. Urban tunnels may be a good example of where these special requirements exist, with space restrictions, high traffic density, traffic congestions and underground interchanges all combining to create a potentially hazardous situation.

Electronic signs used for these applications must attain a high degree of reliability with low maintenance needs. By allowing text and graphic variable messages to be combined, a more effective means of controlling traffic is achieved.

Other benefits include increases in safety levels, an effective means of conveying useful information to drivers, lower stress levels, and better decisions and mobility.

Some examples are:
- Lane open/closed/change
- Traffic and travel information
- Variable speed limit
- Hazard and traffic restrictions

The modern design based on a modular approach allows displays to be build to a variety of different configurations, including dimensions, resolutions, sizes, display colors and text and graphic combinations.
Quality is not an option, it is a must, following the European standards, including EN 12966 compliance and certification.

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