Variable Message Signs


VMS, or Variable Message Signs, are electronic and intelligent display panels for road traffic management.

They allow text and graphic variable messages to be combined, resulting in a more effective means of controlling traffic. Other benefits include increases in safety levels, an effective means of conveying useful information to drivers, lower stress levels, better decisions and mobility.  

Some examples are:
- Incident and accidents information 
- Hazard and traffic restrictions 
- Weather and road conditions information 
- Traffic and travel information
The modern design based on a modular approach allows displays to be built to a variety of different configurations, including dimensions, resolutions, sizes, display colors and text and graphic combinations.  

Intelligence comes in the form of a self-diagnosis tool, web server, TCP/IP and SNMP integrated protocol, several remote and local interfaces for control and maintenance and configuration, message store capacity, standalone or network configuration and control, digital and analogue input/output, direct interactivity with other road equipment, easy to adapt to new protocols, integrations and algorithms.  

The main controller, communication and power supply units can be mounted in a roadside cabinet, meaning easy and safe maintenance.  

Quality is not an option, it is a must, following the European standards, including EN 12966 compliance and certification.

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